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On Friday afternoon, December 7, 2018 from 3PM till 7PM, KWNG, KCUE, KLCH, & WBHA, hosted by Brent Johnson, will broadcast a very special program designed to increase awareness of drinking & driving issues associated with the Holiday Season.

In a controlled environment, two guest citizens (test dummies) will consume an alcoholic beverage once every fifteen minutes. Listeners will hear first-hand how alcohol affects performance ... from reading the news to handling tasks given to them to complete during the broadcast. Participants will be given a breathalyzer test every thirty minutes and we'll report the progress toward him reaching the legal limit. The Police and Sheriff's departments will be on-hand to deliver them home after the demonstration.

KWNG will be giving 12 families a fresh cut Christmas Wreath from Sargent’s Nursery.

Beginning November 19th, KWNG will be accepting toys for the Toys for Tots drive from our audience. Everyone who donates will be eligible for a chance to win a Christmas Wreath plus other gifts, just for bringing in an unwrapped toy. Then on Friday, November 23rd through December 10th, KWNG will be announcing who will be the recipient of a Christmas Wreath.

Please consider picking up some extra items while you are shopping today. Items can be dropped off Wal Mart in Red Wing. You’ll find our food shelf trailer parked outside.

All day November 16th and 17th at the Red Wing Wal Mart